Hope Partners Africa

Poverty. Warfare. Famine. Disease.

These are powerful realities in East Africa that annually produce hundreds of thousands of refugees, tens of thousands of orphans and rural populations forced to live meager lives without modern health services.

Hope Partners Africa (HPA) is an organization of psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical health professionals who specialize in treating these vulnerable people. Visit their website, www.hopepartnersafrica.org, to learn more.

Services include:

  • Psychotrauma treatment in refugee camps
  • Mental health clinics in refugee camps
  • Psychotherapy for individual refugees in urban settings
  • Targeted therapy for victims of domestic violence
  • Clinical intervention with families
  • Pharmacological treatment
  • Psychological intervention for orphan populations
  • Medical outreach to refugees and underserved rural populations
  • Medical clinic services specializing in maternal health
  • Research and dissemination of findings

It is the mission of Hope Partners Africa to provide essential psycho-social and medical services to East African populations in severe need. Our vision is to develop self-sufficient individuals who are physically, emotionally, and psychologically health in order to build non-violent communities based upon respect for human life.

Small World Connections is assisting HPA with the start-up of their own independent organization by providing space on our website and accepting tax deductible donations on behalf of HPA. Contact us if you have any questions.

To support HPA, please click the "Donate" button below and be sure to type "HPA" in the field requesting program/individual. 

The Free Indeed Initiative

Fashion with a Purpose

The Free Indeed Initiative started from the overflow of hearts compelled by LOVE to enter into the stories of refugees that have experienced heartache and destruction beyond what we can fully comprehend. Our desire and passion at Free Indeed is to come alongside of them and be part of the healing process that will bring hope, peace, and love back into their lives. We do this by offering micro-enterprise loans that empower families to use their gifts and abilities to make beautiful handmade items as a source of income. We are able to offer those goods to a global marketplace through our website and home parties. From the sale of those goods, we invest a portion of the profits back into our partner organizations and ministries that have a local presence with these famiies so they have means to help provide for their needs.

Small World Connections is assisting The Free Indeed Initiative with the start-up of their own independent organization by providing space on our website. Contact us if you have any questions.

To support The Free Indeed Initiative, please click the logo above or visit www.thefreeindeedinitiative.com.