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Sept 9, 2011 Prayer Updates

Thanks for praying for us this past month. I hope you will take the time to read this whole letter so you see how God has been rocking some amazing opportunities to partner for Kingdom ministry. Like I promised last time, we want to focus these last five months of the year on friends we have worked with who are living out the Timothy attitude we see in Philippians 2:20-21. So I will just give you a few quick praise/prayer bullet points to lift up this month.

  • Through a special gift we were able to purchase a new Sony Handycam to send with our teams to take video footage and document trips.
  • So far we have helped raise almost $2,000 toward sending the soy flour to help feed those who are starving in Northern Kenya. The soy flour has been donated already, but the cost of shipping the container is $10,000 and we are partnering with World Soy Foundation to get the flour sent as soon as possible (let me know if you want to know more about helping with this).
  • We welcomed back our first team after two months of serving in Kenya.
  • We finalized plans for our first small team to head to India for ten days at the end of this month.
  • We continue to partner with local ministries to provide missionaries to serve in our Chillicothe community from East Africa.
  • Brent has been working on making new contacts in an effort to raise the remaining 1/3 of our needed monthly support. God is good!

This month I want to tell you about Amy Back. Amy is a school teacher from Indiana who is living her life to serve others. I met her through a common friend and found out about her committment to her African friends who are doing front line ministry to the poor in Nairobi Kenya. Amy had been to Kenya before and even wrote a book about her nine month experience serving there. She planned this past two month trip, raised the funds needed, made all of the arrangements and recruited her sister Ashley and new friend Rachel to come with her. I told Amy that she is exactly the kind of person we started Small World Connections to serve. Our goal is to take away any road blocks that would keep a person from following through on thier call to serve missionaries around the world through strong relationships. We found a few ways that SWC could help Amy and her team follow through on their plans to serve in Kenya and we look forward to helping her do it again in the near future as God gives her direction. One of the best parts of this partnership is that Amy did a great job updating a blog that she posted while on this trip and during her previous trip. Please log on and check out some of the stories of how God used her to serve in Kenya. Just go to our website and click on Kenya. You will then see a blue link to her blog. Make sure to order one of her books while you are there as well!

We want to find more Amys and help them serve the Church around the world.

Thanks everyone for your prayer and support!!!

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