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God's presence, January 10, 2012

I have been reading the story at the end of Luke 24. I am amazed at how Jesus' presence is exactly what we need in the face of fear and uncertainty. In that story Jesus shows up after He is risen from the dead and stands right in the room with His disciples. These are the guys who spent three years with Him and had seen all that He could do. When He comes through and accomplishes all He had told them and then stands before them, they are afraid and think they are seeing a ghost. Jesus is tender in His compassion and He asks for some food to eat in order to show them that it is actually Him. Finally, they get it and He opens their minds to understand all He had told them. This story really means a lot to me because I need to be reminded often that the Lord's presence is all I really need. That His leading and power are exactly what is best for me.

As we step fully into the ministry goals we have for Small World Connections in 2012 I am again feeling like one of these guys in that story. It can be confusing and overwhelming even when God is blessing - I need to be reminded that His presence is all I need.

Please praise God with us for what He has done and pray for His presence and guidance in new areas of ministry:

  • The Mexico GO Team had a great time of ministry with Lowell and Sheri Glick and returned safely. We hope for more to get involved with our next trip to serve in Mexico.
  • Helping Hands Re-sale has financially blessed 33 non-profit orgs in 2011 and looks to expand that in 2012.
  • We are putting the final pieces together for our first teaching team to serve in Northern India in 2012. Please pray that pastors and teachers of the Word will step up and follow the call to equip and train church planters in this country that has very little Gospel presence.
  • We are finding a network of believers who want to offer themselves to the Lord by serving and helping missions all around the world, including right in our own hometown. Please pray that SWC would continue to help these Timothy's follow the call and prompting that the Holy Spirit gives them by equipping and providing resources to follow through and thrive in their unique ministries.
  • We have seen God provide financially in the past and we continue to look for committed supporters to help us as we serve in our role leading Small World Connections. If you or anyone else you know might want to partner with us financially please let us know. We are currently about 2/3 funded as missionaries by those who have committed to giving on a regular basis.

Thanks for praying and supporting Small World Connections.

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