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October 2012 Prayer Update

I am often asked what we are working on and what ministry doors God is opening for us to Connect a Timothy Culture in the Church (Philippians 2:20-21). Well here is a summary of what we have going in each of our current and developing target areas. We ask you to pray for each of these and to let us know if you are interested in getting involved in any way. There are openings on most of these teams.


India - We currently have a pastor from the States on the ground in Northern India teaching the Word of God to church planters who will take the Gospel out within the next two years.


India - We are also sending a team to Southern India in January to do a week of evangelistic crusades and a week of work with orphans alongside our ministry partners there.


Indonesia - We are working with national church leaders to send a music team to serve next Summer through open concerts and music lesson training as a way to help church members build relationships in a heavily Muslim country.


Cambodia - We are sending a small vision team to Cambodia in November to establish stronger relationships and to make plans with our missionary partners serving there full time.


Uganda - We will be sending a team of 8-10 college students and church members from Delavan IL to work with our ministry partners at Juna Amagara. They will help with a medical clinic and do a week long sports camp for the orphans in the village of Kishanje.


Philippines - We continue to work with our ministry partners at GROW International to find ways we can connect to help resource and provide help with the exciting ways they are working to meet needs and share the love of Christ. There is a project in the works to use agriculture as a means to meet needs. Our Go Team Director David Headley will be heading there in November to finalize these plans.


Mexico - We are thrilled to have a new Go Team Leader for Mexico. Jacob Barrett will lead his first team to serve Lowell and Sheri Glick in Zacatecas Mexico Dec 27 - Jan 3. This team also represents an exciting connection that we were able to help make between a local church in the States and our ministry partners in the field. Chillicothe Christian Church is sending folks on a team to serve Glicks for the third time...so that is very encouraging to us as we continue to develop similar relationships in other target areas.


United States - We have also discovered that we need missionaries right in our own back yard. It has been amazing to be able to have our Go Team from East Africa continue to serve in our local Chillicothe community at both the CrossWord Cafe Youth Center and at Helping Hands Re-Sale Shoppe. Praise God!


Well thanks for praying for these and getting involved where you can through going and/or supporting these teams with financial support.


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