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May 2012

Below is our monthly blub for the local newspapers and the picture of the groups we shared funds with from Helping Hands Re-sale. Please read that and the following extra story behind the picture:


Proceeds for the month of April from Helping Hands Re-Sale were recently distributed to non-profit groups. For the month of April $11,337 was given out to help local and international charities.

Those accepting checks are seen standing in front the “Give Us A Hand Wall” where customers and volunteers can now make donations to the fund raising effort to purchase the current building for the resale shop, Folks can make a donation and then decorate a hand and have it displayed on the wall showing their support for this community effort.


Accepting checks from left to right are:

Carol Connor – Relay for Life , Sherry Adams – Store Manager, Dave Welch – Peoria Casting Club Youth Fishing Derby , Steve Groome – Child Evangelism Fellowship, Brent Ressler – CrossWord Café Youth Center, Christy Crothers – Optimist Club Projector Fund



Story Behind the Picture:

This picture represents exactly what your prayers and support are helping Small World Connections accomplish within the Body of Christ.


You might see some random organizations that our efforts through the resale ministry are blessing financially. What I see is a very practical way to live out what I call the puzzle analogy. If we are all given a piece of the puzzle that is the Body of Christ, then we are all called to share that piece of the puzzle. The gifts we are given are not gifts for us but gifts we are to share and as we do that, the picture of the Body of Christ is made more and more complete.


In this one picture we see both local and international ministry efforts represented. We see local community groups who trying to help youth in our town. We see volunteers who are involved in serving at the shop almost every day. We see a manager who has found exactly the way the Lord has called her to use her many gifts and talents to bless others. We see a wall representing many who have given financially to help make sure we can keep the resale ministry going. We see a career missionary who has been able to keep going in international missions because of the extra support the resale shop has generated for their support. We see goofy old me there just smiling like a fool because I can hardly believe I get to be part of something so awesome as I accept the check for a ministry I was part of starting over 10 years ago that is still going strong and reaching out to youth.


I am not sure what you see when you look at this picture or when you think about Small World Connections, but I hope when God looks at this picture He sees what he wants His kids all around the world to do – enjoy contributing their piece of the puzzle to the amazing plan He has for His Church.


Thanks for your prayer and support. Please pray and consider getting behind Small World Connections financially. At this point April and I and our family are only at about 2/3 of the support we need on a regular basis to continue in ministry. Funds from Helping Hands have filled out the rest of what we need, but our goal is to be fully supported through committed financial supporters so that the funds SWC receives from the resale ministry will be completely available to help fund mission teams and team leaders.


Thanks and God Bless you as you offer your piece of the puzzle,

Brent for the Resslers

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