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Year End Highlights from Executive Director

This year was awesome.  We have so many new connections and opportunities to connect a Timothy Culture in the Church that it is sometimes hard to keep track of what the Lord has done.  In my role as executive director I get the chance to see most of the ways our ministry is reaching out and furthering the Gospel around the world.  I thought that I might just list my top ten highlights from 2018 and share some pictures that give an overview of the tremendous things the Lord has done through your prayer and support.  Also, please consider giving a year end financial gift.  In past years these one time year end gifts have been a huge boost in helping us cover expenses and taking the ministry to the next level. 

You can mail year end financial gifts to:
Small World Connections
1623 North Finney Street
Chillicothe IL,  61523


If you would like to make a donation online just go to our website listed below and click on the Pay Pal link on the left side of the screen.


Year End Top 10 Highlights from
Executive Director Brent Ressler
  1. Eight countries served with mission trips
  2. Organizing Unite Fest 2018
  3. Resale ministries share proceeds with over 120 different charities
  4. Organizing Serve Weekend 2018 in Chillicothe area
  5. Welcoming three new staff members and one business intern
  6. Beginning ministry partnership with Fulfill UR Ministry and developing One Puzzle Hub social media website for missions
  7. Connecting our mission partners through a shared prayer page
  8. Helping several churches develop plans to connect better with missionaries they support
  9. Attending ICOM (International Conference on Missions) in Cincinnati Ohio with our staff
  10. Beginning production of our video training series on what a Timothy Culture looks like in action

Your prayer and support allows us to connect a Timothy Culture in the Church by:
  • Planning and facilitating experiences that help missionaries and expose people to their work
  • Encouraging and equipping leaders so that they can follow through on God's prompting to serve a specific ministry
  • Helping leaders recruit and train a team of people as needed to fulfill their vision for serving
  • Breaking down barriers that might keep people from following through on God's call to serve missions

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