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Connecting a Timothy Culture in the Church

This month we have several great examples of what we mean when we say we want to connect at Timothy Culture in the Church.  God is opening many doors for us to connect with believers, like Timothy (Philippians 2:20-21), who have others' best interests in mind and what matters to Christ. These connections are getting more and more exciting and they are confirming our prayer that we would be able to say to missionaries all over the world that we are part of a network of believers like Timothy.  Please pray for the following ministry opportunities and praise God with us for what He has already done.

Amazing Volunteers

We love celebrating each year with our amazing volunteers at our Volunteer Thank You Banquets. These friends make Helping Hands Resale Shoppes a reality.  God has used these people to serve over 40 organizations in 2017 and raise over $147,000 at our Chillicothe location alone.  These images represent a perfect picture of what a Timothy Culture looks like.  You can see over 40 volunteers who have others best interests in mind and what matters to Christ.  We also recognized Nancy Brandstatter as our Marcia King Memorial Volunteer of the Year!  What a blast to celebrate all that God is doing through servants like Nancy and their hearts to bless others.


Spanish Students - ¡Qué Bueno! 

Taking the time to learn the language of people from another culture is a true commitment.  These students who participated in our beginner level conversational Spanish class have put in the work to connect with others in hopes of sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  This week will be their final session in the beginning level, so please pray for each of them as they now use what they have learned to connect with others.  We have been blessed to partner with our friends at Northwoods Community Church to host these classes on a regular basis.  Please pray for future opportunities to offer other training that helps connect at Timothy culture.
Teams Forming and Opportunities

Please pray and let us know of any interest in any of these....

pray for our summer team, recruiting for spring and summer 2019

Guatemala with VisionTrust-
recruiting for summer 2019 team

pray for late summer team

Liberia and Ghana Vision Trip-
prayer and open to gaining leader looking to connect with ministries in West Africa for October 2018

Philippines CAT trip-
recruiting team members for orphanage work and visiting Buchers in October 2018

Other opportunities
Ongoing recruiting for sign language ministry with Expressions of Emmanuel; livelihood training with DBI; teaching for couples, kids, men, and women with Sunrise Project; business conferences and English camps in Russia

Your prayer and support allows us to connect a Timothy Culture in the Church by:

  • Planning and facilitating experiences that help missionaries and expose people to their work
  • Encouraging and equipping leaders so that they can follow through on God's prompting to serve a specific ministry
  • Helping leaders recruit and train a team of people as needed to fulfill their vision for serving
  • Breaking down barriers that might keep people from following through on God's call to serve missions


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