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Connecting a Timothy Culture in the Church

Unite Fest 2018

Please pray for this awesome free festival that we have been part of planning in the Peoria area.  We would love for you to come on July 14th, we still need lots of volunteers, we could use some financial support and we would appreciate you telling others about it!  We really really need your prayer.  Ask the Lord to prepare hearts for the Gospel that will be proclaimed all day long, pray that many will join the family of God that day and that others will turn back to Him as His Holy Spirit moves in the heart of the city.  We are praying for revival and are asking you to pray with us.  Thanks and God bless!


The Church

The best part about being involved with Unite Fest has been the opportunity to join together with folks from many other church back grounds and ministries to organize and dream about what this festival can be in the Peoria area.  We have some top level musical artists, seminars all day, kids activities and great food vendors as well as ministry and business exhibit booths.  Seeing this as a day for The Church in Peoria has been very exciting.  Please pray for the final funds needed and consider giving toward the effort through the website:

Also let us us know if you or a group you are part of would consider coming out and volunteering on July 14th.
What to Bring

A few items you will surely want to bring to Unite Fest 2018 one week from today!!!  See if you can identify all of the things you should bring....
we really hope you can make it!


Your prayer and support allows us to connect a Timothy Culture in the Church by:

  • Planning and facilitating experiences that help missionaries and expose people to their work
  • Encouraging and equipping leaders so that they can follow through on God's prompting to serve a specific ministry
  • Helping leaders recruit and train a team of people as needed to fulfill their vision for serving
  • Breaking down barriers that might keep people from following through on God's call to serve missions

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