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Three U Month!

This month we are celebrating, thanking and praying for three huge ministry opportunities that begin with U.  Also we promise that if any of these ministries are inspiring there is plenty of room in any of them for You! 
Unite Fest was Awesome!

People have asked us if all of the hard work and funds raised for Unite Fest ended up being worth it....we usually show the pictures above, remind them that our mission is to connect a Timothy Culture in the Church then give some of the facts.  Facts like - it took over 40 churches, ministries and businesses coming together in the middle of Peoria to pull this thing off, we gave out over 500 free hot dogs to those who came to the park, we estimate around 1,000 people participated in some way throughout the day, we heard the gospel shared at least three times from the main stage, we gave seven different ministries time to share in our speaker tent, we know of one eight year old boy who asked a ministry leader who is over 70 if he could pray with him then the boy put hands on the older man's head and prayed for him, we know of at least one older woman who asked one of our volunteer staff to help them find a church so they could begin to go to church again.....I think you can see our answer.  Yes it was worth it.  It is by far the most stressful and challenging work we do all year, but it is worth it and Christ is lifted up as His Church connects!
Uganda Timothy Ministry

These two guys are modern day Timothys.  Carter on the left and Chris on the right are pictured here just yesterday in Kigali Rwanda on their way to serve in Uganda.  Both are using their training and skills to serve three different partners that we work with in East Africa. It has been great to have Carter serve as an intern with us all summer and Chris is also on staff overseeing our communications.  When Paul wrote in Philippians 2 that he had nobody else like Timothy who put others first and cared about what mattered to Christ, I believe he was challenging all of us to adopt that same attitude.  We can't begin tell you how excited we are that we have seen many like Carter and Chris start on that path of living out a Timothy attitude.  Please pray for this small team as they serve for the next few weeks making several videos and consulting on several mission businesses that will benefit both orphan and refugee ministries. 
Upselling - $129,193 so far in 2019

Sure you might get tired of seeing these cheesy pictures of people holding up checks each month, but we sure don't. Why?  Because every picture like these reminds us of something we are banking on every day. Namely, that we as the Body of Christ can do way more together than any one of us can do on our own.  We see the ministry of our three Helping Hands Resale Shoppes as being a great example of Upselling!  Turning used and donated goods into funds that can help both locally and internationally.  Even more important are all of the volunteer hours of hard work that people in three different communities willingly do in order to help others....some they know and some they don't.  Already this year their hard work has generated well over $129,000 for the charities that benefit from these checks.  Thanks for praying and thanks for your involvement in this Kingdom upselling! 

Check Out Our Channel

We would like to ask you to click on the link below and check out the current videos that we are sharing on our YouTube Channel.  While you are there, please subscribe to the channel and that will help you stay connected with other projects we share in the future.  

NOTE: We would love you to use all of these videos as tools to promote, equip and train others for missions. So, please feel free to use these in your church or other settings as needed!


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