Sept 2013

We have a ton to be thankful for and loads of things that God is doing.  Thanks so much for praying!

A few quick updates and praises:

Our ten person Go Team from Delavan Illinois traveled to Uganda and served Juna Amagara Ministries as they worked with orphans, shared Christ's love and helped with a medical clinic.  I was thrilled to be able to be at their church in August the Sunday after they returned, to hear their report back on all that God did in them and through them on the trip.  The church is committed to connecting with JAM on a regular basis and has sponsored many of the orphans who were still in need.

Here is a link to the JAM website. I encourage you to find out how you can get involved with saving lives in Uganda:

Also, as a way to help raise funds for another of our mission partners, I have recorded a CD of some of my original songs.  I am giving all of the sales to the CrossWord Cafe Youth Center in Chillicothe Illinois to help with some of the expenses of running this outreach ministry to youth in our community.

Below are two links.  The first is to the website for the CrossWord Cafe so you can find out more about how they are working with kids outside of the box and then a way to purchase the CD as a fund raiser for the youth center.  Please consider purchasing the songs as a practical way to help this ministry continue.

Brent Ressler - Album title: What Gives?

Two ways to purchase the new album and help the CrossWord Café Youth Center.

1. Buy an actual CD at a show or message me on here and get me your address to have one mailed to you for $10.

2. Go online and purchase downloads of all the songs at this link:

Finally, to connect these two ministries, we are bringing in a missionary from Uganda to serve in our community at the CrossWord Cafe from December through May.  JAM is sending a young man who was an orphan in their ministry named Ivan to work with our local youth and connect with the churches in our community.  Ivan is now a computer programmer who teaches at the JAM school and works at a university. Everyone involved is excited to have Ivan here.  Please pray for this awesome ministry opportunity and consider getting behind Ivan financially while he is here.  If you would like to help with some of his expenses for the six months he will be here as a missionary, you can give to him through Small World Connections.  Just let me know and we can work out those details.

Well that is enough for now, but I hope you can see that God is blessing your prayers and I hope you can see how thankful we are for your prayer and support as we connect a Timothy Culture in the Church (Philippians 2:20-21)


August 2013

Thanks for all of your prayer and support for Small World Connections.  Please continue to pray for our Uganda Go Team.  They flew out last Friday and are serving there right now!  This team from Delavan Illinois is made up of some amazing people who have hearts to serve in sacrificial ways.  They made it there safe and are enjoying some great ministry time with some of the orphans their church has committed to sponsoring in the villages of Rubanda and Kishanje…awesome!


We are also moving into new areas of ministry that are stretching us and expanding our vision to be part of a network of believers, like Timothy (Philippians 2:20-21), who are connecting with missionaries all over the world with their best interests in mind and what matters to Christ.


Here are two “outside the box” projects that God is putting on our plate and we are ready to dig in:


We are beginning plans to bring missionaries to the United States from Uganda on a regular basis.  These missionaries will serve in our local community as ministry interns at our local youth center and at our local resale ministry.  This is an exciting opportunity to connect with our ministry partners at Juna Amagara Ministries and help some of the orphans they have taken through an intensive discipleship program have a unique experience doing full-time ministry in the US for six months.  We need prayer that the Lord will provide at least three host homes for these interns while they are here.  Our goal is to have each host home provide room, board and some transportation for two months at a time. This will give the intern an opportunity to build relationships with three separate families while here.  If you would consider hosting our first intern for two months, please contact me and we can get you more information.


Also, we are working on beginning another Helping Hands Re-Sale ministry in Canton Illinois.  We will be looking for locations and finalizing plans with our management team over the next few months and getting started.  Obviously this is a brand new area for us, but we believe that we will be able to partner again with CrossWord Café Youth Center to help our ministries generate funds that will help both local and international charities with needed funds as well as allow us to expand into new areas with SWC projects.  Please pray that all of the details work out in ways that glorify the King.


Let us know if we can pray for you about anything!


July 2013

Thanks so much for praying for us on a regular basis.  God has been answering!

Our next two mission teams heading to target areas in other countries could use your prayer support:

Uganda Team - We are sending a ten person team from Crosswalk Fellowship in Delavan Illinois will be serving Juna Amagara Ministries from August 2-13  Please pray for God's Spirit to move and use them in a powerful way as they build relationships and communicate His love to the orphans they will serve and those that come to the medical clinics and other outreach ministries they will facilitate.

Russia Team - We are also sending a team of business professionals to Moscow in October to speak and build relationships with Russians wanting to improve English skills and learn business principles from American professionals.  Our team is looking forward to using their business experience as a way to bridge cultural differences and open doors to help church planters build long term relationships with those who attend the conference.

Kid Knits - we have recently started a partnership with a great organization called Kid Knits.  In June we hosted a seminar that gave the 31 in attendance an opportunity to learn about how Kid Knits uses the production of yarn in both Rwanda and Chile to help employ women who are taking care of their families.  We had a great time seeing the kids who attended learn about making a difference in the world and finding out how they can help by knitting hats and selling yarn.  Please check out their website at

International Prison Ministry - we are in the process of helping a young man that was in my youth group back when I was a youth pastor.  He will be getting out of prison on parole soon, yet we have already helped him begin his international ministry by facilitating a pen-pal ministry to Christian prisoners in the Philippines.  When he is released on parole next month he will come home to place that we have been able to rent for him and step into a job that we have lined up for him.  If you would please pray for him that would be great and if you would like to help with some of his start up expenses, please let me know.  He will be in charge of our international ministry to Christians in prisons around the world