June 2013

Each month I enjoy sitting down to write our prayer update because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on how faithful God has been as we serve in this ministry. This month I am especially excited to look back because I know that during this past month we have seen a specific fulfillment of our mission to connect a Timothy culture in the Church.
Two Sundays ago we enjoyed a day of missions connection at Chillicothe Christian Church. Our missionary partners Lowell and Sheri Glick, who are serving in Fresnillo Mexico, were home in the States and staying in East Peoria. ThatSunday morning Lowell was welcomed to share the message in both of the morning worship services.
Directly following the second service the mission committee hosted a fiesta in honor of our special guests. There was amazing food and fellowship and opportunity to get to know the Glicks better in a smaller setting. The Glicks then spent the rest of the afternoon at the home of a family from the church and even enjoyed a nice siesta while they were there. In the evening the youth group made their way over to the home they were visiting and they all sat outside around a campfire as the Glick’s shared stories and answered questions about the life of a missionary.
Then my favorite part of the day happened. Around 7:30 p.m. that night 12 guys, including Lowell Glick, met at the church parking lot and loaded into a few cars and took off for Five Guys Burgers in Peoria. We had an awesome time chowing down on some tasty burgers and hanging out with Lowell. This plan to take Lowell out for burgers had come from some detailed conversations the team we sent to Mexico in January had with Lowell then about the best burger places in Peoria area.
Now you might be wondering how all of this adds up to a fulfillment of our mission. I will say this – seeing the greetings that took place as 11 people who had visited Lowell and Sheri in Mexico came in and saw them for the first time that morning looked a lot more like family than anything else I can think of – cheering and laughing as the kids hit the pinata in the basement felt like family – seeing the Glicks spend the day at the home of some new friends felt like family – a bunch of guys huddled up around a pile of burgers and fries while we laughed and told stories felt like family.
Three years ago when I first met Lowell and Sheri Glick we committed to serving them on a regular basis by doing all that we could to connect them to believers that would catch on to their vision for planting churches in central Mexico. At that time Chillicothe Christian Church had never heard of Lowell and Sheri Glick, but today they are family. The expanded version of our mission that we call our vision for Small World Connections says this – We see ourselves being able to say to missionaries all around the world that we are part of a network of believers, like Timothy, who genuinely care about your welfare and what matters to Jesus Christ.
That Sunday afternoon in the basement of the church building as the kids were smashing the pinata, Sheri Glick leaned over to me and said, “Hey Brent, it is so cool to see the fulfillment of the vision you explained to us that first day we met.”

She was right it is cool. It is what we call a Timothy culture.

Thanks for praying and supporting our ministry.


May 2013 Prayer Updates

Hello Prayer Partners

First - I would like to ask you to send me a message if there is anything that we can be praying for you about. We have seen many blessings in the past few years within our ministry and within our family. I firmly believe that God has been hearing your prayers and answering. Our desire is to have our ministry be a true partnership with you and with those we are serving in missions, so please take us up on our offer to lift your prayer requests up to the the throne of the King.

Second - I want to give you a short summary of some new areas where we are seeing God move. These are praises, prayer requests and opportunities for you to get involved. We have several new projects that have developed more fully in the past few months.

We hope to send teams to Russia in November and December (business professionals and college students using English to help missionaries build relationships)

We hope to send a team to serve a new Christian camp in the Philippines that is being developed by our ministry partners there.

We are in the beginning stages of developing a website that will act as a connection point for mission agencies, churches and individuals who want to find ways to partner outside of the box and offer their piece of the puzzle to the picture of the Body of Christ.

We are again looking into ways to fund our film project that will tell the story of our ministry partner Ben Tumuheirwe in Uganda. Larry Bradley has written a second draft of the script and we are now in the process of talking to potential film producers about how to get it to the next level.

We are also seeking housing for a few of our Go Team Leaders who need to find places to stay in our area. The hope is that we can find affordable places for them to rent, so that they will continue to be close by and available for ministry service. If you know of anything that might be a blessing to any of them, please let me know.

Finally - I have had some great discussions with potential managers that would be able to help us start another resale shop in a neighboring community and I have had a chance to talk to several other dynamic people who might be able to step into a new role within Small World Connections to help us expand into new territories as God opens up our vision. Please pray that God will show us who He has picked for these new roles.

Well that is a quick overview of some new areas we are stepping into, plus I would ask you to continue to pray for all of our current missionary partners around the world.


April 2013 Prayer Updates

Thanks for praying and supporting Small World Connections Ministry! Just a few updates for praise and prayer this month:
First - we had a great time saying thank you to our volunteers at Helping Hands Re-Sale this past weekend. We had 62 volunteers and spouses join us for a nice meal and time to celebrate what God has done through this local ministry that is blessing other ministries all over the world. Our volunteers are amazing and we thank God for all they have done to further the vision for the resale ministry.
Second - God continues to give us more and more opportunities to consult with churches on ways that they can serve their missionaries more effectively and step further into building relationships with missionaries all around the world. We have two new churches that have asked us to help them develop their approach to missions and we are very excited to come along side these churches as they offer their pieces of the puzzle to the picture that God wants develop.
Third – we are currently stepping into a new project developing a website that puts all of the elements of Small World Connections into an online format. The website will be hub for missionaries, churches and individuals to offer and search for ways to connect in the global Church working together toward the Great Commission. Please pray for us as we develop this new tool and attempt to create something that will help believers have a place to offer their piece of the puzzle.
Finally – we have new teams planned for Russia and Indonesia using conversational English as a way to build relationships and serve our missionary partners in those target areas. We need more team members soon, so please pray and consider joining one of these amazing teams. If you want to know more just reply back to this e-mail and I will get you the information on both opportunities.
Well that is a short summary of some huge things that God is doing. We appreciate you praying for us as we step into these and many other ministry doors.
God bless you and please let us know if we can pray for you about anything.