April 2012 Update

Hello Prayer Team


I have been wanting to show you how your prayers are impacting ministry connections we have all around the world.


One of the coolest surprises in this past year has been our new target area right in our home town. As I had mentioned before we are now connecting international missionaries to our community by bringing them into serve at both our local youth center called CrossWord Cafe and at Helping Hands Re-Sale Shoppe.


Below is a section of the prayer letter sent out by CrossWord Cafe Director John Heffron in February that focuses on how God is using one of our missionaries serving here from East Africa. His name has been changed in the version that John uses to tell his story but you can be sure that Samuel was available in this story because he is serving as a short term missionary through Small World Connections. Please continue to pray for this team and our others planning on trips to India, Mexico, Cambodia and Indonesia this year.


Here is John's note:


God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28.


All things? Take a charge during an IVC girls basketball game and I’m (Anna) out for the season with a painful fracture. How can I (Abby) get through 2nd grade if I can’t do better in reading and math? What am I (Samuel) going to do at the Café with my PhD in math and statistics?


Anna has been helping Abby every week with her reading and math.


Abby studies at the Café every afternoon that we are open and is making steady improvement.


Anna wants to be an orthopedic surgeon someday. She mentioned that she is taking some tough prep classes at IVC this year …especially math (pre-calculus) and statistics and could use some help.


Anna … let me introduce you to my friend Samuel. He loves to talk and study math and statistics. He taught this stuff in college. [the story is true but all the names were changed … except God’s]


Thanks God!


March 2012 Update

I remember a friend of mine who started a ministry from scratch telling me a few years ago that one day I would be plugging along trying to get the ministry off the ground and then all of a sudden realize that it was working and doing the things that I had set out to do. Well, he was right (as usual) and that did happen to me a few weeks ago. It does not mean that there are not new directions and plans God has for Small World Connections (SWC) down the road, but I did have an "aha" moment when I could finally see that God was shaping this ministry into exactly what He wants it to be.

This year alone is shaping into a year where we are looking to send or have sent GO Teams to Indonesia, Mexico, Uganda, Chillicothe IL and India as well as helped individuals follow through on their personal call to serve in Kenya and Philippines.

This Timothy Culture thing is taking many forms and helping people get outside the box to see how God might use them to serve His Kingdom:

  • Please pray now for our Indonesia team as they are in Indonesia with EFCA ReachGlobal from March 7-17 putting together plans for SWC to begin finding ways to further the ministry to Unreached People Groups in a country with little Gospel presence.
  • There are also openings on teams to Mexico and Uganda - if you are interested in going to serve in either of these places let me know as soon as possible.
  • I also have a big announcement that I wanted to share with our prayer partners first. As I mentioned last month we began looking into having Helping Hands Re-Sale Shoppe buy the building where we have the ministry store. Tomorrow night at the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet we will announce the beginning of our fund raising campaign to buy the building. That is right - no more paying rent and hopefully with God's blessing we are looking to eliminate even the cost of a mortgage. This will allow us to give more to the community and to missions efforts around the world. Below is the press release that we have put together with our ministry partners at the CrossWord Cafe to kick-off the fund raising drive in our community.

Thanks for your prayer and God Bless You All!


February 2012 Update

Here are some areas for prayer and praise this month as we look forward to what God is up to. We really appreciate you taking the time to lift our ministry up in prayer and for your continued support and encouragement...


  • Our Indonesia Team leaves March 7th. Pray for the guys to have a safe and productive trip as we seek ministry partners to serve in the unreached areas of Indonesia. We are thrilled to begin this partnership with EFCA Reach Global.
  • We are looking forward to sending our Pastor/Teaching team to India in September and we are now at the point of final commitment from those who have shown interest in going to serve. Pray that God assembles the team in His perfect way to accomplish His purposes in India.
  • A big request is for prayer as we move forward in seeking to purchase the building that houses Helping Hands Re-Sale Shoppe. As most of you know this ministry partnership with CrossWord Cafe Youth Center has been a huge ministry blessing 33 groups financially in 2011 and we want to keep it going. The location and building we are in has more than tripled our proceeds - so we now are working through a plan to purchase the building. Currently we rent from a bank that could sell the building at any moment and we would lose it. We anticipate a big push to raise as much of the down payment as we possibly can so if you are interested in helping us continue this ministry by giving financially to the effort, please let us know as soon as possible.


  • For amazing Peace we have experienced in the midst of uncertain situations.
  • For Joy that has kept our eyes on Christ though all the times we are unsure of what the next stages of ministry hold.
  • For Harmony we have seen in the Body of Christ as we seek to Connect at Timothy Culture in the Church.

You guys ROCK! Thanks again for praying!