February 2012 Update

Here are some areas for prayer and praise this month as we look forward to what God is up to. We really appreciate you taking the time to lift our ministry up in prayer and for your continued support and encouragement...


  • Our Indonesia Team leaves March 7th. Pray for the guys to have a safe and productive trip as we seek ministry partners to serve in the unreached areas of Indonesia. We are thrilled to begin this partnership with EFCA Reach Global.
  • We are looking forward to sending our Pastor/Teaching team to India in September and we are now at the point of final commitment from those who have shown interest in going to serve. Pray that God assembles the team in His perfect way to accomplish His purposes in India.
  • A big request is for prayer as we move forward in seeking to purchase the building that houses Helping Hands Re-Sale Shoppe. As most of you know this ministry partnership with CrossWord Cafe Youth Center has been a huge ministry blessing 33 groups financially in 2011 and we want to keep it going. The location and building we are in has more than tripled our proceeds - so we now are working through a plan to purchase the building. Currently we rent from a bank that could sell the building at any moment and we would lose it. We anticipate a big push to raise as much of the down payment as we possibly can so if you are interested in helping us continue this ministry by giving financially to the effort, please let us know as soon as possible.


  • For amazing Peace we have experienced in the midst of uncertain situations.
  • For Joy that has kept our eyes on Christ though all the times we are unsure of what the next stages of ministry hold.
  • For Harmony we have seen in the Body of Christ as we seek to Connect at Timothy Culture in the Church.

You guys ROCK! Thanks again for praying!


God's presence, January 10, 2012

I have been reading the story at the end of Luke 24. I am amazed at how Jesus' presence is exactly what we need in the face of fear and uncertainty. In that story Jesus shows up after He is risen from the dead and stands right in the room with His disciples. These are the guys who spent three years with Him and had seen all that He could do. When He comes through and accomplishes all He had told them and then stands before them, they are afraid and think they are seeing a ghost. Jesus is tender in His compassion and He asks for some food to eat in order to show them that it is actually Him. Finally, they get it and He opens their minds to understand all He had told them. This story really means a lot to me because I need to be reminded often that the Lord's presence is all I really need. That His leading and power are exactly what is best for me.

As we step fully into the ministry goals we have for Small World Connections in 2012 I am again feeling like one of these guys in that story. It can be confusing and overwhelming even when God is blessing - I need to be reminded that His presence is all I need.

Please praise God with us for what He has done and pray for His presence and guidance in new areas of ministry:

  • The Mexico GO Team had a great time of ministry with Lowell and Sheri Glick and returned safely. We hope for more to get involved with our next trip to serve in Mexico.
  • Helping Hands Re-sale has financially blessed 33 non-profit orgs in 2011 and looks to expand that in 2012.
  • We are putting the final pieces together for our first teaching team to serve in Northern India in 2012. Please pray that pastors and teachers of the Word will step up and follow the call to equip and train church planters in this country that has very little Gospel presence.
  • We are finding a network of believers who want to offer themselves to the Lord by serving and helping missions all around the world, including right in our own hometown. Please pray that SWC would continue to help these Timothy's follow the call and prompting that the Holy Spirit gives them by equipping and providing resources to follow through and thrive in their unique ministries.
  • We have seen God provide financially in the past and we continue to look for committed supporters to help us as we serve in our role leading Small World Connections. If you or anyone else you know might want to partner with us financially please let us know. We are currently about 2/3 funded as missionaries by those who have committed to giving on a regular basis.

Thanks for praying and supporting Small World Connections.


Oct. 24, 2011 Prayer Updates

The past few days I have been thinking about the phrase... Like drinking from a fire hose.  In this case though it has been an amazing thing to see that up till now God seemed to have the faucet on low but has recently turned it up full blast.  This faucet is filled with blessings that are taking the form of ministry opportunities for Small World Connections.  Although I won't say it is easy to keep up with all of it, I will say it is amazing to be part of His work in this world for His Kingdom and realize that He is directly involved even in the smallest details.

My first prayer/praise for this month is something that is very close to my heart.  We have an opportunity to directly impact the life of a young woman who was orphaned during the genocide that took place in East Africa (Rwanda region) back in 1993.  This is close to my heart because since 2004 I have been trying to find ways to help orphans in that region and in fact can trace this desire to help there to the founding of SWC, but that is another story.  Lucine is a smart and educated young woman who has been living in poverty and continued danger there since she was orphaned at the age of nine.  For five months Lucine has been living and serving in our community of Chillicothe Illinois as a missionary at our youth center and at Helping Hands Re-Sale.  With the visa she currently has she must return to her country and the terrible living conditions by early December. 

That is where a great community of believers in our town have stepped in.  Through Small World Connections we are committing to sponsor her and fund the legal expenses for her to be granted asylum in order to stay in our country.  Through this we pray she will find a better life as she seeks the answer to why God protected her from the men who murdered her whole village.  This is a clear and present opportunity to directly change a life and God brought it right to our doorstep.  I am asking our prayer supporters to pray and to consider sharing the financial load to make her dream a reality.  If you would like to contribute to this need - that could reach well into the range of $5,000 - simply send a check (made out to: Small World Connections - 1623 North Finney St.  Chillicothe, IL 61523) with Lucine written in the memo line.  We will keep you posted on the progress.  If you want to know more just give me a call - 309/251-2048.

New target area -

India - David Headley and Larry Bradley just returned from 10 days visiting the ministry of Delhi Bible Institute.  We as a  ministry are "All In" with supporting what they saw and we will begin to send teaching teams of pastors from the U.S. there in 2012 to teach frontline church planters who will take the Gospel into the interior of a country that is less than 1% Christian.

We are also adding Indonesia and Cambodia to the list of our target areas.  We will have more details on those for you next month.

I had planned to share another story this month of someone involved with our ministry who is living out the Timothy Culture we see in Philippians 2:20-21 - but I believe in sharing Lucine's need and story with you I have already shown you an opportunity and in Lucine someone who is living out the attitude Timothy had of putting others needs first.  Please praise God for Lucine's example and continue to pray for Small World Connections.