Aug 30, 2011 Prayer Updates

I am contacting pastors, friends, business owners and anyone else I can think of to try and raise $10,000 for an amazing opportunity to directly help with the need for food in Northern Kenya.

Our Go Team Director David Headley is also an Ambassador with the Illinois Soy Bean Association and has worked with the World Soy Foundation to help get 1/2 Million Dollars worth of soy flour donated for the need as refugees from Somalia pour over the border into Kenya in the middle of a terrible drought. The cost of the shipping to and transportation in Kenya is $10,000. Simply put, we want to raise that amount and get the container shipped as fast as possible.

Any donation made toward this effort will be tax dedictible. Checks can be made out to Small World Connections - 1623 North Finney Street, Chillicothe, IL 61523.

Here are a few thoughts David shared with me this morning as I prepared to write this request:

- US agriculture companies have donated several containers of soy flour to be used for the drought in the Horn of Africa where over 800,000 people are starving to death.

- The soy flour is US grade A flour which means this is an excellent product.

- There is a ministry in Kenya that will transport the flour to Northern Kenya once it arrives.

- The cost of transporting of the container from US to Northern Kenya is 10K.

Please get involved with this if you can and let me know if you have any other leads that might help us raise these funds.


Aug 9, 2011 Prayer Updates

Revelation 21:5 - The One sitting on the throne said, "Look, I am making everything new!"

This month I want to celebrate what God has been doing in our ministry by pointing out a few of the Timothys He has brought our way already in the first three years of ministry. Connecting those who have the attitude Timothy had as Paul wrote about him in Philippians 2:20-21 is why we are doing what we are doing. This is the foundation of our ministry, so these people and many others we have connected with along the way represent our approach toward reaching the world with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

So please praise God with us for what He has already done through these lives and pray for their ministries. Also please pray for others to catch the vision of connecting a Timothy culture in the Church. I want to highlight one of these Timothy's each month and I will start with one of my good friends.

Larry Bradley

As I write this Larry is in North Carolina performing a song that he wrote after his first mission trip experience. It is a powerful song written in response to a powerful experience he had on his first trip to Uganda to serve Juna Amagara Ministries. If I had to pick one person who has totally shown a Timothy attitude as he serves missionaries around the world it would be Larry. He has often inspired me to keep going because I dream of more people investing themselves completely in serving missionaries the way he has. The song he wrote is called "In the Presence of Greatness," and it communicates his realization that as he was serving the orhpans in Uganda he was in fact the Least if These because in the orphans he saw Jesus. It is a great song backed by a powerful experience and that is why I believe he was picked as a finalist in the national song writing competition that he is attending in North Carolina. He is also booked for his fourth mission trip in September. He will be going to India with a team of four to serve a ministry training front line pastors and church planters - one of the projects he will work on there is helping to produce a video for the ministry.

Here are the names and a quick summary of some of the other Timothys we will be highlighting and praying for in the upcoming months:

Amy Back

Serving street kids in Nairobi Kenya by partnering with national missionaries there.

Ben Barton

Long term commitment to a strong relationship with Lowell and Sheri Glick serving in Mexico and numerous trips to visit them and encourage them.

David Sheets

A young man who gave his talents in film and video to serve GROW International in the Philippines and now is trying figure out how he can do that more often and for more missionaries.

Sherry Adams

While trying to figure out what God wanted her to do next with her life she discovered a huge minsitry field in Helping Hands Re-Sale where she is able to help others both in her community and around the world.

Thanks for praising and praying for these - if you are supporting our ministry financially you are investing in these and others who we help follow through on their call to serve missions. We could not do this without your prayer and support.

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